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So the 2nd In the Corner of a Dream release: (a) Collection of Abstracts is still coming, but C.G.'s time has been spent with day to day life, as well as  his side band, Perry A lately.  See below:

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Perry A

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The first single from the New Orleans Indie Rock duo Perry A. Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by CGS at Hearwaxx Studio in Uptown New Orleans, LA. From the amazing forthcoming album: OK Wait - due out eventually in 2023.
JP on guitars, bass, and backing vocals CGS on drum beats, vocals, and synths

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Work on the 2nd album is still underway as well as work on the side project Perry A - both coming along nicely!

Can hardly wait to share all these songs with you in early 2024!

- C.G Smith

Indie Rock from New Orleans

The 2nd album

(a) Collection of Abstracts

still working on it... due for a release eventually in early 2024.

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Album is still being worked on - slowly but surely 

Just an update: It's looking like an early 2024 release for (a) Collection of Abstracts. Time in my studio is something I haven't had a lot of in 2023.  The time I have had has mostly been spent working on the Perry A project with my neighbor JP.  The bulk of the songs for the next In the Corner of a Dream album have been laid down, and it is simply getting the time to finish mixing and mastering them to my liking that is proving to be the issue.

I am very proud of the songs for this second record, and hope to get them done and released before the summer of 2024!

Thanks for the love and support!



Still working on 2nd album 

Summertime in New Orleans.  A heavy heat bears down on the Crescent City in the summer.  No one likes to go outside.

More time to continue work on the 2nd album.  Admittedly I'm behind schedule on it - most of the songs are close to being finished, but I want this to be the best it can be when I release it, so taking my time to record, mix, and master each song the right way.  Plus my big white whale, the song Under You (co-written by Norm Nelson) is playing hard to get and it being the 2nd to last track on the album I want it damn near perfect.

So looking at a 2023 release for (a) Collection of Abstracts.

Thank you all for your kind words and patience as I finish this album up.

I'm also working on two other projects currently.  One is a singer/songwriter named Wade Egger who is a New Orleanian via Tennessee and his lyrics and songwriting are top notch. He and his co-writer Markus are working on getting the songs ready to finish recording.

The other project is called Perry A.  This is a project started by myself and my neighbor JP - an excellent musician and songwriter.  We are already a handful of songs into an EP we hope to release sometime in 2023.  We are leaning in the direction of future releases being a joint effort (pun intended) with many other musicians - similar to what Josh Homme did with the Dessert Sessions releases.

So lots to look forward to.  The new Hearwaxx Studio space is much better than the first one, and we are getting really good tracks layed down, so can't wait to finish them all and get them into your ear holes.


Thank you - C.G. Smith